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Image by National Cancer Institute

Bloodborne Pathogens Blended Course

The ASHI Bloodborne Pathogens course teaches students how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials. This course is designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for bloodborne pathogens training.

Who should take this course?

The ASHI Bloodborne Pathogens Course is designed for anyone with a  reasonable chance of coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens such as: Healthcare Workers, Correctional Officers, Childcare workers, Security guards, Maintenance workers, School personnel, Hotel housekeepers, Health and Fitness club staff, and Tattoo Artists.

What does this course teach?

This course uses the PACT acronym (Protect, Act, Clean, Tell) and tagline, "Make a PACT, Know How to Act™", to help students learn and easily recall bloodborne pathogens training.

Students learn how to:

-Protect themselves from blood or blood-containing materials

-Act quickly and safely

-Clean the area that has blood or blood-containing materials

-Tell their supervisor about the incident

Certification: All of our Bloodborne pathogens classes follow a blended learning format. You will be emailed instructions on completing the required online classwork prior to coming to class for your practical portion. All successful students receive a nationally recognized certification card. 

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